Control Alt Delete

By | January 5th, 2009

An invention of David Bradley, later used by all operating system is really a remarkable solution when you or your computer do not know What-To-Do-Now! It gives you a safe passage whenever you are stuck by triggering the soft-reboot. According to Bradley: “I may have invented Control-Alt-Delete, but Bill Gates made it famous”

“Play me online? Well you know that I’ll beat you / If I ever meet you, I’ll Control-Alt-Delete you”

Weird Al Yankovic

So we already know one use of Control-Alt-Delete; in a fight ­čśŤ But let’s get serious and see where Control-Alt-Delete can really help you

  • If your PC hangs, use Control Alt Delete (soft reboot) but if it doesn’t work then i’m afraid your PC needs a hard reboot ­čÖé
  • If you are a geek and feeling bore, then why not you watch the movie: Control Alt Delete, a film┬áby┬áCameron┬áLabine.

This film is about secrets in the digital age and the potential for multiple identities offered by the Internet. Every character has an alternate life that exists online, outside the office. What drives the story is how these varying personalities resolve themselves away from the virtual world. Kinky, clever and funny, Control Alt Delete is a romantic comedy for anyone who lives at least part of their life in cyberspace.

Enjoy the trailer:

CONTROL ALT DELETE Trailer (Exclusive)