7 Hi-Speed and Professional Flash Drives for 2010

By | June 16th, 2010

Update: Top 10 USB 3.0 Flash drive choices

USB drive is one of the most important tool for computer users especially at office and working environment. People always ask us to review best flash drives, so we’ve decided to review the top USB drives for year 2010.

1. Supertalent Pico Mini-A

Supertalent Pico family, winning 80 press awards to date, is one of the most famous flash drives series giving hi-speed data transfer rates at an affordable price. Officially the device supports a maximum 30 MB/s read/write speed under ideal conditions and weighs only about 1.5 grams.


Complete Specs:

  • Capacity: 2, 4, 16 GB
  • Size 32 x 15 x 3 mm
  • Performance: Up to 30MB/sec
  • Temperature: Storage = -20°C to 85°C / Operating = 0°C to 60°C
  • Durable: Water resistant
  • Weight: ~ 1.5 grams
  • Interface: USB 2.0 (Backwards compatible with USB1.1 ports)
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited
  • Compatibility Windows 98 and above, Mac OS X v10.x and above, Linux

This flash drive has an ideally small size and fits even in your wallet. Now the best part; it’s not expensive! The 16GB model is available for $52 and 8GB model for $26, buy.

2. Sandisk Cruzer Micro

Sandisk Cruzer Micro is Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified flash drive and comes is capacity of 4GB up to 32GB. The retractable USB connector prevents losing the cap and increases portability. It has a beautiful orange LED that glows during data transfer. The flash drive is also key-chain ready and its small size allows you to hand it along with your personal keys.



The flash drive has dimensions: width 0.8, depth 0.3 and height 2.3 inches and is available in black color. The 8GB model costs $20, buy

3. Supertalent Pico C

Super Talent is famous for making thumb drives that adds style to your professional life. The Pico and Pico Mini series flash drives are among the smallest flash drives ever built without compromising data rate. The shock and water resistant, Pico C flash drive, supports a full 30MB/s transfer rate.



The flash drive is extremely small, feather light, supports USB 2.0 and comes in a capacity ranging from 2GB to 32GB. We recommend buying a 4GB model from Memory Card Zoo.

4. Kingston DataTraveler Generation 2 (G2) – 32GB

If you are looking for a cheap and reliable solution to store all your important data, photos and videos, DataTraveler G2 is ideal for you. This standard size flash drive weighs only 12 grams and comes with a 5 year warranty.


The flash drive is available in 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32GB capacities. The Kingston G2 USB stick will work in almost any USB device and and even cross-platform from Mac to PC and vice versa. The 32 GB model is available for purchase for $79, buy DataTraveler G2.

5. Lexar Jump Drive Secure II with Storage Meter

Lexar Jump Drive Secure II is ideal for storing your data in encrypted form. For securing the data, all you have to do is drag it to the secure area and JumpDrive Secure II encrypts your files for you. Drag them out and it will decrypt them for you. Secure II software is cross-platform so you can secure data and access it on PCs and Macs.


The drive uses AES 256-bit encryption and allows you to create multiple password-protected areas called Encrypted Vaults on the JumpDrive and/or host computer via the Secure II Dashboard utility. Moreover it comes with a File Shredder that destroys your unwanted files (not delete). Another cool feature is the capacity meter on the face of the flash drive that shows the free/occupied space in percentage. The drive comes with 2 year warranty and 8GB model is available for $24, buy.

6. Kingston DataTraveler Vault

DataTraveler Vault by Kingston is one of the most secure flash drives providing 256-bit AES encryption. It is ideal for organizations as well as professional who need highest level of security. On software side, it has two separate portion; the encrypted zone with hardware based encryption and a public zone with no encryption.


The drive supports Data transfer rates of up to 24MB/sec for read and up to 10MB/sec for write. Moreover it has a pretty strong Aluminum casing and is water resistant up to a depth of 4 feet. This corporate flash drive comes in different capacities, the 4 GB model costs $133, buy Vault. (Company logo’s can be added for corporate brand recognition)

7. Fuji USB High Speed Pen Drive – Rubber

The flash drive is a cheap solution for everyday use and is ideal for school, colleges and offices. The extremely robust outer rubber case (splash proof) protects it from shocks and increase its lifetime. It’s small, compact, slim and fits in any key chain, moreover, it provide high data transfer rates.


This cheap and splash proof 4GB model is available for only under $18, buy.

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